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II Asphalt Days Forum

The Polish Road Congress continues the topic of bituminous surfaces together with the largest companies in the sector – Orlen Asfalt and Ammann, as well as with the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Roads.

The 2nd Asphalt Days Forum is a continuation of last year’s conference, which initiated a series of events devoted to asphalt technologies.
During this edition of the event, we will focus on topics related to the current situation on the road construction market, asphalt supply and demand, as well as asphalt technologies and innovations in this industry. One of the sessions will be devoted to the use of reclaimed asphalt in Poland.

The aim of the Conference is also to integrate experts from the asphalt industry, enabling the exchange of experience.

The conference is addressed to road administrators at every level, representatives of companies and the world of science.

The leading theme of the conference: “Market and asphalt technologies in the light of new opportunities, challenges and threats”.

Event with simultaneous translation Polish/English.



20th March

18:00 Regional dinner

21st March

9:30-10:00 The ceremonial opening of the conference

10:00-11:30 Session I: Situation on the road construction market in Poland – plans and challenges

• Plans for the development of the national road network in 2023, Tomasz Żuchowski, acting as the General Director of National Roads and Motorways
• Presentation of a representative of local government roads – forecasts in terms of financing and discussion of current challenges, Zbigniew Tabor, Director ZDW Katowice
• Presentation of a representative of local government roads – forecasts in terms of financing and discussion of current challenges, Marek Markowski, Director ZDP w Lwówku Śląskim
• Directions of development of the asphalt segment in Poland and Europe, Małgorzata Kowalska, ORLEN Asfalt
• Current challenges in purchasing building materials, Daniel Skowroński, UNIBEP
• The situation on the road construction market after the first year of the war in Ukraine and the state of epidemic threat, Przemysław Klonowski, OIGD

11:15-11:30 Questions & Answers

11:30-11:45 Coffee break

11:45-13:00 Discussion panel: Road construction in 2023 – or the industry slowing down?

Leading: PKD – dr. hab. inż. Janusz Bohatkiewicz, prof. PK
Zbigniew Kotlarek, President PKD
Przemysław Klonowski, President OIGD
Małgorzata Kowalska, Member of the Board ORLEN Asfalt
Jan Styliński, President PZPB,
Tomasz Żuchowski, acting as the General Director of National Roads and Motorways
Zbigniew Tabor, Director ZDW Katowice
Marek Markowski, Director ZDP w Lwówku Śląskim
Daniel Skowroński, UNIBEP

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Session lI The use of reclaimed asphalt in Poland – what does the market need for a breakthrough?

• Current technical requirements of GDDKiA regarding the use of reclaimed asphalt, Leszek Bukowski, GDDKiA
• Current regulatory requirements regarding the qualification and use of asphalt surface milling material – what has changed and why there is no breakthrough yet, Maciej Lewicki, Budimex
• The latest mass production technologies in plants with a parallel drum, Rafał Zając, Ammann
• Activities of industry organizations in the field of waste, Barbara Dzieciuchowicz, OIGD

15:15-15:30 Questions and answers

15:30-15:45 Coffee break

15:45-16:45 Session III Modern solutions for the asphalt industry

• Life cycle assessment in asphalt pavements, Knut Johannsen, EUROVIA, Bottrop
• Neutralization of odor and toxicity of asphalt vapor gases with the use of INHITONE neutralizers, Marek Szatkowski, WESTRAND
• Possibilities to reduce energy and fuel consumption as well as emissions and CO2 in asphalt mixing plants, Andrzej Kowalski, Ammann Polska Sp. z o.o.
• The use of Trimble brand solutions for precise paving with bituminous mass, Przemysław Jakowlew, Jarosław Świercz, SITECH Poland Sp. z o.o.

16:45 Social networking

20:00 Gala dinner

22nd March

10:00-11:30 Session IV Asphalt technologies – maintaining the quality of the road and the possibilities of reducing costs

PIARC TC 4.1 activities in the 2019-2023 cycle, Margo BRIESSINCK, Chair of PIARC TC 4.1, Belgium

Review of technologies in the field of increasing cost effectiveness at the stage of design, production, incorporation, Krzysztof Błażejowski, ORLEN Asfalt

• Technologies for modifying asphalts with rubber – current status of use in the country, Paweł Klimaszewski, TPA
• How to save energy, CO2 and costs with modern transport technologies in asphalt construction and paving, Mikołaj Sadowski,
Bau- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH
• RoxxAsphalt – MMA factory control retrofitting, Michał Skuza, ARZET

11:15-11:30 Questions and answers

11:30-12:00 Coffee break

12:00-13:30 Session V Innovations in asphalt technologies

• Implementation of innovative asphalt technologies – results of a marketing survey conducted among road contractors, investors and designers of road surfaces, Marlena Czarnomska, ORLEN Asfalt
• Innovative hybrid layers for the surface of bus bays, car parks and bicycle paths – a project financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – DROGOWIEC Student Scientific Circle, Białystok University of Technology
• SMA in Poland – from national roads to local roads, Krzysztof Błażejowski, PSWNA
• Criteria for selection of road construction technology solutions based on life cycle analysis, Łukasz Bargenda, PSWNA

13:30-13:45 Questions and answers

13:45-14:00 Conference summary

14:00-15:00 Lunch


Terms of participation:

Terms of participation:

 Online participation:

80 Euro

This fee includes:

– participation in the Forum, possibility to ask questions to the speakers

– conference materials (sent by e-mail)

To participate in the Forum, it is required to complete an online registration form and pay the participation fee to the Polish Road Congress’ bank account at Alior Bank S.A. no: PL58 2490 0005 0000 4600 9671 2068 no later than March 16 , 2023.

The payment may be deferred after confirmation with the Organizer. Failure to make the payment on time is not tantamount to resignation from participation in the event. The organizer reserves the right to keep payments made less than 48 hours before the start of the event and not to grant access to the event online.

The participant may withdraw his application to the Forum at no cost by submitting a written statement by March 16 2023. The resignation should be sent from the address provided in the application form to the address: biuro@kongresdrogowy.pl. In case of resignation on later date, the Organizer will charge the Participant with the full cost of participation.

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